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We focus on a wide range of learning opportunities, with a concentration on how to apply them both personally
and within an organizational context.   Through a combination of online learning, community support, live
workshops, and community, the Emerging LeadHERs Membership will provide you with the
skills and confidence to step into and embrace your authentic leadership power.

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Connect with fellow LeadHers, ask questions, and receive feedback and support. 

With peer LeadHers, mentors, coaches, and network you create in the program and beyond. 

On the Emerging LeadHers website.


Online modules from the Emerging LeadHers Accelerator program. 

Including course modules, assignments, and resource center. 

A guide to identify development opportunities, set goals, and establish resources to support your growth. 



You care about the way you show up in the world and you know that becoming a truly great leader involves self-reflection, training, support, and a willingness to challenge oneself.

The Emerging LeadHERs Membership will empower you to become the type of leader that people, especially women, look up to and admire for your strength, perseverance, and willingness to overcome any obstacle thrown your way!

Tell me, does any of this sound like you? 

  • You’re surrounded by men & find it difficult to earn a seat at the table. As a woman, you want to know how to break through that glass ceiling at work.
  • You find that being direct or "tough” is a hard role to play as a woman because it can sometimes (or frequently) be translated as being a bitch.”
  • You consider yourself to be a good communicator, but you know that in order to be an impactful leader you need to level up your communication skills.
  • You know that sponsorship & mentoring is an important part of advancing in your career, You're ready to start building a bigger network, outside of your company, & finding mentors to further your development. 
  • You want to get more involved in the community, especially when it comes to inspiring future generations of females to become the badass trailblazers they are meant to be.
  • You love personal development & continually try to become a better version of yourself, but you’re ready to go deeper and want a program geared towards the highest achievers. 
  • You’ve always seen yourself as a leader. People are naturally drawn to you & feel comfortable going to you for advice, a second opinion, or even just a listening ear. 
  • You’re ready to make a real impact. You know you have the power to do BIG things in the world, but it feels like there are blocks & limitations that keep getting in the way.
  • You’re working on channeling your inner warrior in both your professional & personal life. You know she’s in there somewhere – you just need help to bring her out.
  • You believe it’s crucial that women help build up other women & you crave the support of fellow girlbosses tackling similar challenges who you can relate to without feeling like you’re in competition.
  • You know there’s a difference between “managing” & “leading” but you don’t exactly know how to make that transition or even what the specifics are.
  • You want to show up BIGGER in every area of your life, but being a leader means more responsibilities & you want to know how to balance it all while still having time for yourself.

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?
Good. You are totally in the right spot. 


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